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GMFRS live Bonfire Call-Out Map

See how busy Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are over the Bonfire Night period by taking a look at our call out map which plots real time incidents on a map of Greater Manchester.

The Treacle Campaign

The Treacle Campaign is a multi agency initiative aimed at preventing, tackling and protecting against anti social behaviour, criminal damage and harm reduction during the Halloween and Bonfire period across Greater Manchester.

Treacle Campaign partners include Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Greater Manchester Police, The Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd, Local Authorities, Trading Standards, Transport for Greater Manchester, New Economy Manchester, the Health and Safety Executive, and Tony Lloyd, Police & Crime Commissioner, Greater Manchester.

Treacle is an initiative designed to tackle anti-social behaviour and reduce injuries caused by fireworks. It also provides assurances to the public that such actions will not be tolerated.

The Treacle Campaign Partners

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS)

Are the largest Fire and Rescue Service outside London with over 2,500 members of staff and 41 fire stations. GMFRS cover an area of approximately 500 square miles and a culturally diverse population of 2.5 million people...

Greater Manchester Police (GMP)

The function of Greater Manchester Police Authority is to ensure that the Greater Manchester Police are efficient, effective and accountable to local people. While the responsibility for delivering policing services lies with the chief constable, responsibility for monitoring...

Transport for Greater Manchester

Is all about public transport improving what s already there and planning for the future. Some of the key roles include providing the infrastructure and information that people need to use buses, trains and trams...

Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA)

AGMA acts as the voice of the ten local authorities of Greater Manchester and works in partnership with a wide range of organisations both private, public and voluntary within the city-region and beyond...

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The new Board of HSE was formed in April 2008. They took the lead in developing a new strategy, but also recognise the many changes that continue to take place around us and which present new challenges for the health and safety system as a whole...

New Ecomony Manchester

New Economy is one of the six Association of Manchester Authorities (AGMA) commissions. Their purpose is to create economic growth and prosperity for the people of Manchester.




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